The (MICRO) Wedding
Must Go On!
Small is cool. Petite is chic. How to celebrate against the odds this year according to some of 2020’s most inspiring and stylish brides.
By Tatiana Hambro
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2020 showed no mercy to brides. Weddings were postponed, postponed again, postponed a third time, and then, finally, cancelled altogether. But through the disappointments an unexpected beacon of light emerged: the micro wedding. Because why press pause on love? As one bride put it, “Cutting back on scale doesn’t mean it has to be any less special. And besides, we hope there will be many excuses to celebrate with loved ones in the future; it doesn’t all have to be pegged to just one day.” Here, seven 2020 brides reveal how they circumvented challenges, unwound their expectations, and unleashed their inner creativity to pull off the most memorable intimate celebrations—even against all the odds.
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Lesea Bourke Revived A
Romantic Family Veil

THE LOCATION: The rugged coast of Maine. Unwilling to push the date out any longer, the couple abandoned their (three times cancelled) 200+ person wedding in Florida for a family-only ceremony at the peak of summer on a remote island off Maine. “My favorite part of the day was the boat ride back,” she says. “The music went all night and continued onto the boat where we had a magical moonlit ride home.”