ENDING ON JUN 30, 2018

La Double J Housewives


“I always start in the same place: vintage prints. I saw a vintage plate in an Italian collector’s home that had grass and little bugs around the trim and I absolutely fell in love. The dragonfly we found is from 1896—it really became the heart of the collection.”

“You can layer your table with all of our linens and plates and make it eye-poppingly fun, or you can be minimal and just get some printed napkins for your pristine all white table. The choice is yours.”

“Our porcelain is special because it is technically extremely difficult to get so many colors on a single plate. I’m very proud of that, along with our peacock green shade that took many many rounds to perfect (trust me!).”

“You can also use the dessert plates as salad plates and keep the charger plate on the table to add a pop of our peacock green. Throw in some opaque Murano glass drinking or wine glasses and you’re done! It’s a very happy, colorful collection.”