Lavoratti 1938 for Women

Lavoratti 1938 is at its essence an experimental kitchen, a chocolate lab. That is, a physical and mental space for exploring new ideas and possibilities for encounters between flavors and ingredients and above all, between people. It is a place where new chapters are being written in the story of chocolate, as like we’ve always said, chocolate can only ever be limited by the confines of our own imagination. The quality of the ingredients is paramount when striving for excellence. Lavoratti 1938 choses artisanal ingredients from local producers. Working directly with every single supplier, each ingredient is selected with the upmost care and attention, choosing only the best produce and cultivars that meet the criteria in order to guarantee the best product possible. Everything from the pistachios, hazelnuts and citrus, even down to the salt used in the making of our chocolate bars and bon bons is carefully chosen to create an unparalleled flavor experience . Our chocolate is one of the the best in the world. We hand-select cocoa from the Hacienda San José in Ecuador. Chocolate to Lavoratti is however most of all a vehicle to which we entrust the flavors of the Mediterranean. Even though the single-origin dark and milk chocolates are of extraordinary quality, it is in the filling that Lavoratti’s expression can truly be savored. Lavoratti chocolate tells the story of the flavors and aromas of the Mediterranean. Each product in the Lavoratti selection was envisioned as a chapter in a story, all part of what we call ‘The Editorial Line’. The packaging of our chocolate bars bring to mind the cover of a book and we have created a dedicated box containing the first eight products. The concept continues throughout the product catalogue with mono-graphic, themed boxes of bon bons. In this manner, the flavors are complementary and connected just like the pages of a book. These are the Lavoratti Books. The first volume is entitled “Il Pranzo di Natale”, The Christmas lunch.
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