New York-based multimedia artist, medicine woman, and founder Lia Chavez is pioneering “haute couture beauty”—ultra luxurious products crafted using the same rigor and intentionality as a piece of artwork. Her creations center around a new spiritual understanding of—and reverence for—the wisdom of Mother Nature. Chavez trained with the “godmother of herbalism” Rosemary Gladstar, and she sources her plants from regenerative micro farms around the world (including Isabella Rossellini’s Mama Farm on Long Island). Everything is formulated for sensitive skin and crafted in highly limited batches owing to the meticulous and precise nature of the ingredients. The inaugural collection features four nourishing facial oils, each named after plant essences boasting unique energetic properties and composed of 11 organic cold-pressed virgin carrier oils (a standard unheard of in the industry) as well as 59 medicinal plant extracts. Food for the skin and the soul.
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