The gyms are packed, the bars are empty and everyone seems to be on a cleanse: that’s right, it’s the New Year. Because 2018 is far more than a list of resolutions you’re unlikely to keep (it may seem harsh but you know it’s true), we’ve put together a COMPREHENSIVE guide to the year ahead—including everything from wellness trends to what’s in store for your astrological sign. Read on for the full report.




The New Superfoods

2017 saw the rise of matcha, legume pasta and unicorn everything. What will this year bring? Read on.



Mushrooms as medicine is nothing new—just ask Chinese homeopaths. So what’s the news? That they have immune-boosting properties, with antioxidants connected to curing cancer and anti-inflammatories linked to treating asthma, allergies and arthritis. Prepare to see them in everything from morning teas to granola.



Meet your new superfood. With 3x the amount of iron as spinach, 9g of protein per 100g serving and rich in essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, it is a nutritional powerhouse. Not only does it taste pretty good (a nutty flavor), it also can be used for everything from clearing skin to helping cure certain cancers.



We’ve graduated beyond the stereotype of the rail-thin hippie. Now even some of the world’s top athletes (Serena Williams is one) forgo animal products in favor of eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables. The benefit? Increased energy, less risk of chronic disease and overall better health.



For those in search of something low impact, there’s life beyond the elliptical. This cardio-meets-resistance class uses bungee bands, leveraging gravity and your own body weight to allow you to do movements you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Bonus: bands are great for elongating muscles (read: anti-bulk).


BlacklightSpark Yoga
Find yourself staring in envy at the woman next to you nailing Tree Pose? This class is for you. Held in a room set to 95 degrees and completely dark (save for black lights), this power yoga class puts poses to the beat of hip hop music—perfect if you prefer your yoga with less “Om”.


Holy Water
If you thought mountain climbers were hard, try doing them on water. This HIIT class (which includes everything from burpees to squats) is done on floating boards, increasing the level of difficulty and ensuring that even when you don’t realize it, you’re working your core—or risk falling in.


In search of motivation to stretch? There’s now a class for that. SoulAnnex, a SoulCycle spin off, offers classes that complement your time spent on the bike—and are organized across the themes of movement, muscle sculpting and restoration.



Beyond the well-known favorites such as The Handmaid’s Tale (back in April) and Westworld (season 2 is set for sometime this year), here are the shows coming to the small screen that we just can’t wait to see.


The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story
From the people who brought you The People vs. O.J. comes one of fashion’s most famous tragedies. The cast features Penelope Cruz as Donatella, Edgar Ramirez as Gianni, Ricky Martin (!!!) as his lover...and Judith Light! Need we say more? (January 17)


The Alienist
The new series travels back to 1896 New York, following a criminal psychologist (Daniel Bruhl) as he investigates a serial killer preying on boy prostitutes. Dakota Fanning also stars. (January 22)


Taylor Kitsch stars as cult leader David Koresh in a mini series that chronicles the 51-day standoff between FBI and ATF outside of Waco, Texas. (January 24)


Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.
The soundtrack alone is reason enough to watch.



March 3 - July 15, 2018
Martin Margiela at Palais Galliera, Paris


March 8 - September 9, 2018
Picasso 1932: Love, Fame, Tragedy at Tate Modern London


April 1 - August 31, 2018
Ettore Sottsass: Retrospective at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


May 10 - October 7, 2018
Azzedine Alaia: The Couturier at the Design Museum, Paris


May 10 - October 8, 2018
Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & the Catholic Imagination at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


November 2018
Andy Warhol at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York



If your resolution is to read more books, our curated shortlist is the perfect place for you to start.

January 26
Need to Know, Karen Cleveland (Ballantine Books)


February 6
Feel Free, Zadie Smith (Random House)


March 13
Laura & Emma, Kate Greathead (Simon & Schuster)


March 27
Tangerine, Christine Mangan (Ecco)


April 3
The Female Persuasion, Meg Wolitzer (Riverhead Books)


April 24
You Think It, I'll Say It, Curtis Sittenfeld (Random House)



2018 is an important moment for you--persist at your tasks and enjoy one of the most productive times of your life. The more solidly you have laid the foundations for your success, the greater your capability for achievement. You are likely to benefit from other peoples resources, and it is a good time to enter into a business partnership. If you have been through a time of psychological stress or are encountering one now, the healing process is underway. This year will bring sudden changes to romantic partnerships and within groups of friends, and very soon it will become clear who is worthy of your love and friendship, and who is not. Prepare for these realizations now with an honest appraisal of your closest associations.


This year favors the formation and maintenance of all kinds of partnerships, including marriage. Any intimate relationship begun now will certainly have a consciousness expanding affect on you. In general, over the next few years you will encounter people who can help you in various ways. Legal difficulties can manifest during 2018, but if you have to go to court, the outcome should be favorable. Take precautions while traveling overseas. It's possible that you will move or make changes to your home, perhaps not by choice. Professionally, in a few months time, you may be working in an entirely different field or offered new responsibilities--begin to reevaluate your professional goals and keep an open mind regarding possible career changes.


This is a very good time for any kind of work and fulfilling duties that contribute to your personal growth. This year you will learn the limitations of your own resources and the degree to which you have to cooperate with and depend upon others. Beware of secrets and gossip, and be very conscious of the way in which you communicate. Also, avoid overindulgence and be careful about gaining weight. This year you will experience deep spiritual and psychological changes that will inform the way you express yourself.


Partnerships and intimate associations will test you and make increasing demands during 2018, and dealing with them will require great effort. Some relationships will end, because they demand more than they are worth--but more favorable trysts will soon begin. Employers will give you more work than in the past because they see you as someone who can accomplish things, and they want you to prove it. You will begin to get recognition during this time, but also test your ability through confrontations with others. This may be particularly obvious in your profession, but it applies equally to your personal life. You may have to rely on other peoples money or require a loan from a bank. Although your request for financial support should be well received, begin to save money now to reduce the sum you will need.


This year can be compared to preparing for a debut. You have to put everything in order so that you will make the maximum impact. At times responsibilities may seem overwhelming, so get your professional performance into shape. Conserve your energies now in order to devote yourself more efficiently to whatever must be done. Attend to your health and treat your body as a tool that has to be well cared for in order to achieve its desired purpose. It is more favorable to work alone during 2018 than with a partner--be as independent as possible. This is a favorable time to purchase real estate or a new home; or you may expand, redecorate, or otherwise improve your present home, thereby increasing its value.


Communication is key at this time, and love affairs may become quite difficult, especially if they do not permit you to express yourself. You are frank and willing to talk about every aspect of a given problem, whether it relates to your emotional life or to some situation in the world. A love relationship may involve an older person who acts almost as a parent to you--or you may play this role for someone younger. You may first become aware of certain aspects of yourself through such an intense emotional encounter. Even if it is an unpleasant encounter, it can be a positive growth experience. Usually you will find that you are subconsciously avoiding the people who are right for you. Beware of gambling, speculation and other such risks, for they are not likely to work out.


A period of several years preparation is coming to an end, and you are ready to emerge from comparative dormancy, at least in terms of outward success, and begin to move upward and forward to achieve your ambitions. But you must start modestly--pay attention to securing and fortifying the early foundation of your achievements to increase the potential for wealth. You will experience a situation in which you have to take on a parental responsibility for someone, not necessarily your own child, or you may seek out someone who will play a parental role for you. Make sure that the situation will ultimately lead to independence on your part, and avoid long term dependency.


This year should be quite fortunate for you – your relationships and encounters with others should work to your advantage consistently, and your increase of confidence and poise should serve you well and enable you to increase the scope of your activities. Gain greater control over your daily life through an assessment of your everyday mental patterns, attitudes, habits, styles of speaking, and ways of listening to others. Choose something important to increase in your life during 2018, and work hard to make it happen.


Try to avoid letting fear of financial insecurity run your life now, for this takes attention away from the task of restructuring your assets. The best course is to organize your finances as well as possible so you do not have to pay much attention to them. If you get wrapped up in money matters, they will be a source of trouble. Most unhappiness about possessions comes because there is some disparity between what you think you should want and what you do want. Be careful with your finances, and be economical, but above all, do not become concerned with them anymore than you have to in order to function in your every day world.


Your responsibilities will continue to be heavy, but your accomplishments may also be great. It is a very good time for business and hard work, which will produce serious gains. Friendships will become increasingly important to you and it is important that you integrate your individual self with some kind of group expression. Now others require that you join them and be less of a star on your own.


Finish up anything that was not done completely during the last several years. Understand what you have accomplished and what you have failed to accomplish. Do not judge or evaluate; simply observe and recognize, because now you have an opportunity to clear away the barriers that prevented you from achieving what you wanted. Cut your losses, if any, and look forward rather than backward. You may have to travel in connection with your work, or you may have increased dealings with foreign people. It is also possible that you will receive a raise or a promotion, or you may pursue higher education.


If you find it difficult to work with others, to cooperate with team efforts, you may feel that coworkers are getting in your way. Try to come to terms with their demands rather than avoid them, because this is how you will be rewarded. Soon you will find out whether or not you have worked affectively to attain your hopes and wishes, your ideals in life. This time should bring about the results you have been trying to attain, but only if you have prepared well.



Lately it’s felt like our resolution culture has felt more “fix me” than “feel great”. Because the reality is, most people are less inclined to aim to “write more letters” or “smile at strangers” than they are “get a better body!” or “give up alcohol, gluten, sugar…!” Inspired by an article in Fast Company, we have decided to forgo a list of (often punishing) resolutions in favor of a yearly mantra—one that we consistently work toward throughout the 365 days. Here are a few of ours:


Do the work. “I often find myself aspiring to have certain things but then just failing to do what is required to attain them. So this year, if I want to be more interesting, I am going to read more. If I want closer relationships, I am going to actively work to stay connected. And if I want better teeth, I am going to floss.” — Megan Hayes, Editorial Director


Take it easy. “Tone down the anxiety. Continue to work hard (did you hear about our new funding?)—and ‘play hard’—but with less intensity and more mindful perspective in both respects.” — Richard Thayer, Ecommerce Manager


Live in bliss. "I’m trying to be emotionally responsible. I am an ENFP after all.” — Alexis Tiganila, Art Director

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