What is Resort?...And How to Shop It: An Insider's Guide to the Fashion World's Favorite Season

Head-to-toe pastels, polka dot gowns, the perfect denim day dress, a chic caftan for the beach and beyond: Resort has arrived. If you’ve logged on to Moda lately you’ve likely noticed the influx of fun, feminine clothes that have you dreaming of your next holiday escape (note: they’re actually designed for that!) However, alongside this “vacation wardrobe,” are fabulous trenches…and some designers have turned out cozy knits…and many collections offer crisp, well-tailored pieces—none of which have a place by the pool. Suddenly, it’s no longer clear what to invest in.


Such uncertainty can leave you paralyzed. Translation: You won’t buy anything in Trunkshow. And then when you can’t find those pieces you loved in stores come November, you’ll be left longing for “the ones that got away.” (Our value proposition in a nutshell.)


We get it. There is what feels like a million great Trunkshows launching at one time (no shortage of newness!). And it’s not so easy to comb through them to find the best pieces. That’s where we come in—we’re experts in curating. So we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the season, complete with what to buy, which designers deserve your attention and how Resort got its reputation as everyone’s favorite. After all, isn’t this sort of expertise exactly why you’ve come to Moda in the first place?




Put simply, Resort is the season that falls in between the Fall and Spring runway collections. Formerly called “Cruise” (some brands such as Christian Dior and Chanel still refer to it as such), it was originally conceived with the jet set in mind: affluent women heading off somewhere warm for the winter holidays and in need of the requisite attire. (Hence the name and the vacationwear assortment.)


Fast-forward several decades and Resort has a different look. Not everyone is fabulous enough to escape for the entire winter, which means a fresh cold weather wardrobe is required—because who wants to be caught in your Fall coat come January? On that note, don’t forget the holiday social season: different party, different look. Designers have clued in on this need for something new, now offering outerwear, boots and “festive attire” alongside a selection of chic maillots and more.

The Resort Shows we're Shopping Now