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The World's Most
Insta-Worthy Places

If it's not on Instagram, did your fabulous vacation even happen? (If a tree falls in the forest...) But what about those destinations worth going to for the picture alone? In true Moda style, we scoured the world (and countless Instagram feeds) to bring you our edit of the most photogenic places that the masses don’t know about...yet. (No Beverly Hills Hotel banana leaves here.) Just remember to tag us when you post.

Katikies Hotel in Santorini, Greece

Famous for its bright blue skies, caldera waters and Byzantine relics, Santorini is already Insta-famous. But this cavernous hotel complete with a serene infinity pool makes it Instagram gold.


THE SHOT: Gazing out over the Aegean or onto the whitewashed town below. (Note: this one's about not facing the camera.) 


THE LOOK: Grecian goddess, obviously. Bonus points to those who manage to don something other than swimwear for the poolside shot. Cape dresses (the islands can get windy) are encouraged.

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The Urban Cowboy B&B in Nashville

Nashville has become something of a cultural hotspot of late. Beyond music lovers and whisky connoisseurs, this B&B attracts an artsy crowd—especially those who enjoy a good bath. Seriously, each of the eight rooms has its own (exceptionally photogenic) clawfoot tub.


THE LOOK: "Urban bohemian with a hint of Western." And by that we mean something from Ulla Johnson.


THE SHOT: Anything against one of the statement walls—it's as much about the custom art wallpaper and decorative tiles as it is about you.

What To Wear

The Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club in Honolulu, Hawaii

The 112-room Sixties-inspired house is a Hawaiian hipster's paradise. Your room, filled with funky midcentury furniture, is chic enough for a picture, but the nautical-themed lobby—decorated with 1980's National Geographics, old surfboards and other seaside paraphernalia—is ideal. And then there’s the pool…


THE LOOK: Casual (if you’re not barefoot, you’re wearing flats) but still thoughtful: see Tara Hirshberg’s diamond surfboard pendant.


THE SHOT: A bird's eye view of the delightfully kitsch “Wish you were here!” pool.

What To Wear

The Peninsula Shanghai in China

Every now and and again, one needs an evening (or image) steeped in good old fashioned glamour. Considered one of the best hotels in the world, the Art Deco-inspired Peninsula promises both, along with a mix of nostalgic opulence, perfect service and a 21st-century skyline.


THE LOOK: Eastern metropolitan. Opt for sparkling jewels and elegant silks.


THE SHOT: The megawatt rooftop view, with you in it. Looking expensive.

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Hotel Il Pellicano in Porto Ercole, Italy

We’ll admit we’re not the first to discover that this Tuscan resort makes for a good photograph (Slim Aarons beat us to it). But because it’s an understated (read “word of mouth”) classic, we had to mention it. And if you've been before—go back! Michelin starred chef Sebastiano Lombardi was installed a few years ago—and we hear the food alone is worth the trip.


THE LOOK: You’re in la dolce’s got to be Dolce & Gabbana.


THE SHOT: The terrace, the pool, your room…the where is less important than it is to get one of the yellow striped towels into the frame.

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