She’s the Queen of Discreet Chic, that quality of being stylishly glamorous without being loud, without trying too hard. Known for interesting fabric choices (she’s pretty much single-handedly reinvented crochet), her “understated” palette, and almost-conservative silhouettes, Rosetta Getty proposes a glamour that is different to most. It’s dignified, intelligent, subtle… It manages to shine without even a hint of sparkle.


So how does she dress on vacation? This was the question behind the designer's latest collection, designed exclusively for Moda. When everyone else is reaching for their brightest possible bikini and tropical-print dress, what’s a Getty girl to do? Sit in a shady nook and read? Surely there’s something chicer, more interesting and more exciting than a black maillot.


There is. “Everything feels special but very wearable,” says Getty, referencing the refined edit of louche pants, architectural caftans and amazing swimwear that makes up her vacation capsule. A seasoned traveler herself (LA-based Getty spends long summers in Tuscany among family), she would know. According to her, your vacation clothes “need to adapt to a lot of different settings,” and so her bandeau swimsuit functions as “a styling piece that has potential in a summer wardrobe outside of the beach or pool.” Practical, yes. Black, if you want. Boring? Never.
- Tatiana Hambro


Meet Rosetta as shares her thoughts on the collection, reveals her travel essentials and what’s behind that discerning breed of “Getty glamour.”

MY HUSBAND BALTHAZAR GETTY’S MOTHER GISELA IS A TRUE STYLE ICON. Her incredible book, “The Twins,” was the perfect inspiration for a collection of elegant travel pieces. The way she dressed was effortless and always interesting and unique. The lounge pants and the striped tunic were both based on pictures I had seen of Gisela from the book.


THE BANDED ONE-PIECE SWIMSUITS FEEL A BIT MORE LIKE TALITHA GETTY IN MOROCCO OR ROME. It’s really easy to style it off the beach and wear with trousers. I took the bold red from an image of Talitha wearing a georgette dress in Rome. I also liked the blue and red micro stripe—it feels beachy.


I WORKED WITH VERY LIGHTWEIGHT, COMFORTABLE FABRICS ON ELEGANT SILHOUETTES. New for the capsule is the Japanese parachute satin that’s very fluid. There’s a casual element to it but it’s also quite luxe.


THE ONE SHOULDER DRESSES HAVE THE APPEAL OF EVENINGWEAR BUT ARE SHORTER AND VERY WEARABLE. In Tuscany [where the collection will be unveiled] it’s hot during this time of year so it has to be light and also festive for long dinners and lounging with friends and family.


TRANSITIONAL DRESSING, ESPECIALLY FOR TRAVEL, IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. Your clothing needs to adapt to a lot of different settings when you’re living on an unpredictable schedule. It makes your time more enjoyable when you are able to surrender control and trust your wardrobe for day and evening dressing.


THE OFF-THE-SHOULDER IS TRENDING YET THERE’S SOMETHING VERY CLASSIC ABOUT IT AS WELL. I like to stay aware of what’s going on in fashion but it’s important to find your aesthetic and maintain it.


REGARDING MY SIGNATURE MINIMALISM, FABRIC AND TEXTURE ARE IMPORTANT. There’s always something a bit eccentric and unexpected: unconventional color combinations or a juxtaposition of casual pieces with elegant eveningwear.



Images from top: Rosetta Getty in Positano, Balthazar and Rosetta Getty on vacation in Tuscany. Rosetta and her children, June and Violet poolside in Tuscany, daughter Grace Getty pictured in Tuscany. Gisela Getty and Jutta Winkelmann, Gisela Getty - both images taken from "The Twins."





All images courtesy of Rosetta Getty