The Making of a Masterpiece Collection
Delpozo Spring/Summer '17

Floral silk lamé pants so voluminous they enjoy the romance of a ball skirt; a crisp white blouse that, with its bold shoulders and origami shape, is anything but unassuming; shoulder-duster earrings intentioned to bring cascading water to embellished life. These are the things dreams are made of, the components of a fantasy wardrobe. No need to pinch yourself, however. They are real. Together these pieces make up the first look in Josep Font’s Spring/Summer ’17 collection.


One of the most talented designers of his generation, Font has been applauded for his ability to transform incredible materials into even more incredible pieces of clothing—and the accompanying accessories so standout that they more than “compliment”. Yet, not unlike a butterfly whose beauty tends to overshadow its metamorphosis, Font’s collections (rather than the hours spent painstakingly creating them) are what enjoy the applause. Though to truly appreciate his gift, one must understand what is required to bring his otherworldly ideas to life. As we shine a spotlight on this process—one that functions on couture technique and incredible perfectionism—it is easy to understand how what Font ultimately reveals to the world is so spectacular.


By Megan Hayes