Jewelry's Fresh Faces

Luis Morais


Amazonian natives who adorn themselves with colorful feathers

The Woman

Cosmopolitan, cultured, traveled women with a great sense of humor

Key Shapes of the Season


Signature Pieces

VIP Bands and hardware cuffs

Paola van der Hulst


Named for the Nahautl word for Luck, the collection is inspired by Aztec pottery and jewelry


Diamonds are ‘floating’ between sheets of matte 18K yellow gold and high-polished palladium white gold

Signature Pieces

Our ’S’ rings, floating diamond pieces, and fly studs

What's New The floating ruby baguettes

Laura Pierson


Ocean Jasper, a mineral from Madagascar

The Woman

They have an eye for detail and design, an appreciation for fine craftsmanship and a desire for comfort

What to Buy

Dangling earrings made of exotic minerals

The Fit

"To have a pair of earrings that are weighted appropriately and that sit cozily on your ear gives you one more notch of confidence in life." Designer Laura Pierce