Attico & Beaufille

Behind the coolest new names in fashion—Attico and Beaufille—are two pairs of equally cool women. Meet them here and discover the brands about to blow up the fashion scene.


Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio of Attico

Joining the list of beloved Italian exports is new label Attico. Started by two street style sensations, it combines their contrasting personal styles—Gilda is partial to a pair of chunky Air Force 1s whereas Giorgia’s aesthetic is more polished—to create enigmatic pieces that evoke the sense of a backstory, “we wanted to showcase looks from the closet of well-traveled, elegant women in different cities across the globe.” The brand name, “Attico” (Italian for penthouse) carries the hashtag “#JoinUsUpstairs”, a metaphor to describe the Attico woman. “It’s where she lives but, more than that, it’s how she lives" says Giorgia. "Join us upstairs literally relates to the brand's name but it’s also about an idea. An ethos based on elevated elegance.”


Parris and Chloe Gordon of Beaufille

Parris and Chloe are the Toronto-based sisters behind Beaufille. Pronounced 'bow-fee', it means 'handsome girl' in French. Their designs “explore and merge the opposing elements of masculine versus feminine.” Hard fabrics meet soft lines and edge is tempered with romance to seek a harmonious balance—a reflection of their different styles (older sister Chloe is the tomboy while Parris is more of a girly girl) and proof of the old adage that opposites attract.

“Growing up Chloe was a huge tomboy and was mostly dressed in boys clothes, while I wore gowns to kindergarten and always accessorized.”

—Parris Gordon