How to Wear It:
Decade Dressing for the Modern Woman

How many times have you heard “that’s so ’70s” lately? What had fresh appeal when it arrived via flares and tie-blouses, has started to wear out its runway welcome. Luckily, we're in the middle of a decade mash-up that has manifested as “’70s-meets-’90s”, or “’20s with a little ’90s grunge”. Though revivals can be met with mixed enthusiasm—most women recoil at the idea of an ’80s moment, while others remain sanguine at the idea of exaggerated shoulders—they're a reliably relatable way to engage with fashion.

Here, we call out this season’s most referenced decades. How to wear it? Don’t play by the rules: too retro and it’s more costume than cool. The easiest way to make it modern is to mix things up. This is the 21st century, after all.


1920s: Fashion Flapper


1950s: Real Housewife


1960s: Little Dress; Large Print


1970s: Made for Suede


1990s: Sporting Sophisticate