You know you’ve made it in fashion when a product becomes its own hashtag. “#lesbonbons took off almost immediately,” says Rebecca de Ravenel, referencing her phenomenally successful first collection of silk-corded earrings in 2015. “It was completely organic, which is the best way for something to happen.” The name occurred to de Ravenel in a light bulb moment after a male stranger complimented her on her “candy” earrings and enquired where he could buy them for his wife. “I thought for a second and said—Les Bonbons!”  Almost instantly, thousands of women all over the world had put the phrase into regular use—de Ravenel’s perfect French pronunciation notwithstanding.


Yet, the linear drop earrings were noticeably absent from the designer’s Fall / Winter ’17 presentation during New York Fashion Week. Instead, a new generation of waitlist pieces were revealed (with names to match). First, there’s the cylindrical bucket bag named after one of de Ravenel’s beloved dogs, Lolli. Second, the longline Ming shirt, which was inspired by something her mother would wear while relaxing at home in the Bahamas and third, the Hoop La La earring.  

“It’s from the Wiseguys song ‘Ooh La La’,” de Ravenel explains of her new hero silhouette. “Each hoop color is named after one of the supermodels from the Nineties.” The oft-cited reference may feel generic, but for de Ravenel it’s a personal one. As a child, the New York-native moved to Paris with her parents, an upbringing which fostered an interest in fashion and saw her attending shows as a teenager. “I remember meeting Claudia Schiffer, Christy Turlington and all those other glamorous and strong supermodels,” she says, recalling a Yves Saint Laurent show in particular, “and just thinking they were the most beautiful women in the world.”


Tatiana Hambro